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XW-8520 industrial-grade high-performance optical isolation converterXW-85201 product introductionCompatible with RS-232, RS-232C standards, the XW-8520 industrial-grade, high-performance opto-isolator is capable of converting single-ended RS-232 signals

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XW-8520 industrial-grade high-performance optical isolation converter
1 product introduction
Compatible with RS-232, RS-232C standards, the XW-8520 industrial-grade, high-performance opto-isolator is capable of converting single-ended RS-232 signals to RS-422/485 signals with a built-in opto-isolator that provides isolation of up to 1000Vrms Voltage, with a fast transient voltage suppressor protector designed to protect the RS-485 interface using today's advanced TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPERSOR TVS transient voltage suppressors, which are normally high impedance State, when the TVS tube is subjected to an instantaneous high-energy impact at both ends, it can reduce the impedance at both ends thereof extremely high, absorbing a large current, thereby clamping the voltage across it to a predetermined value and protecting the back Circuit components are not damaged by transient high voltage shocks. This protector effectively suppresses LIGHTNING and ESD, provides 600W of lightning surge protection per line, and surge and transient overvoltages on the line for a variety of reasons, and a very small interelectrode capacitance guarantee RS-485 interface, high-speed transmission. The RS-232 interface is connected to a compatible RS-232C standard interface via a DB9 female connector, and the RS-422/485 is output via the 10-pin connector. The converter with zero delay automatic transceiver conversion, a unique I / O circuit automatically control the direction of data flow without any handshaking signals (such as RTS, DTR, etc.), without jumper settings to achieve half-duplex (RS- 485) mode conversion, plug and play. Ensuring that it fits in with all existing communications software and interface hardware eliminates the need to make any software changes to previous RS-232 based work methods.
    XW-8520 industrial opto-isolated interface converter can provide reliable connection for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication, point to multipoint Each converter can theoretically allow each circuit to connect 128 RS-422/485 Interface equipment, data communication speed 300-115.2Kbps, with power indicator and data flow indicator can indicate the fault condition.
1.1 product appearance
1.2 interface location
1.3 Terminal definition
Refer to the following table for the position of the terminal. See the following table for the definition of the interface position.
Silk screen
RS-422 definition
RS-485 definition
T / R +
Send + (A)
Send / receive + (A)
T / R-
Send - (B)
Send / receive - (B)
R +
Receive + (A)
Receive - (B)
Power supply-
Power supply +
1.4 indicator
Indicator light is located on the front of the product, the specific description of the table below.
Silk screen
Power Indicator
Converter power supply is normal
Send light
Data sent from the 232 port to 422/485 mouth
Receive light
The data is returned from port 422/485 to port 232
1.5 Specifications
Working conditions
power input
Range: 9 ~ 30VDC
Power consumption
Ambient temperature
-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
environment humidity
10% ~ 90% RH, no condensation
Electrical Interface
DB9 hole to ten terminal
Communication parameters
Interface Type
RS485 / RS422
way of communication
Half duplex / full duplex
Data baud rate
300 ~ 115200bps
The number of loads
Communication distance
1200 meters
external structure
Length × width × height
125 * 73 * 44 mm
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