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 The general installation of large precision air conditioning room, air-conditioning humidifier, water pipes, generators and so may lead to liquid leakage. Combined with the engine room are generally anti-static floor activities, leakage under the floor is difficult to detect. However, the floor is generally arranged with a variety of cables, sockets, etc., once the liquid leaks a large area may lead to unpredictable consequences. 

1, small room

       For a single water source, a smaller area of the engine room, you can choose Cheung point and not position leak alarm system. The system can accurately detect whether there is leakage occurred. This program is suitable for the floor opened to quickly find the location of leaks.

2, medium-sized room

       Medium-sized rooms or rooms with multiple air conditioners and more water sources, the XW-PC-3A Positioning Alarm System is recommended. The system not only detects leaks quickly, but also accurately reports leaks, making it easy to find sources of water and leaks.

3, large room

      Larger room, or by a number of scattered small room composed of large room, in the case of possible leakage points scattered, the use of multiple XW-PC-3A positioning alarm system consisting of monitoring network can be accurately positioned Leakage location, but also to achieve centralized monitoring and unified management.

4, engine room dynamic environment monitoring

       Cheung for the leak detection system can provide a variety of efficient integrated interface for easy access to centralized monitoring system room or network management system. All Xiang for the leakage detection system provides a switch or RS485 communication interface, through the information acquisition module, you can achieve with the market common engine room dynamic environment monitoring software manufacturers to integrate.

Intelligent building systems generally include the following systems: integrated wiring system, computer network systems, telephone systems, cable television and satellite television systems, security monitoring systems, card systems, radio signage systems, building automation systems, hotel management systems, property management systems, Intelligent building management system (centralized control platform) and data center room construction. Compared with traditional buildings, intelligent buildings are greatly different in construction and maintenance. Among them, the most important ones are the increase in electronic control equipment and the reduction in manual use. It is precisely because of this, some of the following in the place of liquid leakage will not be promptly discovered by staff, and may lead to a series of environmental pollution and safety incidents.

Data center

       Reference computer room leak detection program, according to the actual need to select the appropriate leak detection system.

Central air-conditioning pipes and condensers

       Central air conditioning because of the pipeline are longer, I suggest you use XW-PC-3A leakage locator, with the leakage line XW1000 positioning water leakage detection system components, both sound and light alarm relay output signal can also be output 485 signal integration To the control room host. Water pipes in the air conditioning under the sink, the air conditioning set the drip tray under the wind tray, the leaky cable along the waterproof trough and drip tray laying

Pipeline system

       Proposed to use XW-PC-3A leakage locator, with XW1000 positioning leakage sensor line leakage detection system. Leakage cables are laid along the pipeline. Leakage cables are also laid on each tube well of the water supply and drainage pipelines to detect leakage of domestic water and fire water pipes.


       Elevators pulling gear and gearbox junction easy to leak oil, the laying of sensing cables, chemicals and hydraulic oil leak monitoring. At this point you can use the point leakage sensor and not locate leakage detection system to provide accurate and timely leakage detection information.

Water tank, water pump

       Induction line around the bottom of the water tank and pump laying, the controller can be selected according to the actual situation.

Executive Office, Reference Room

      Sensor wire around the computer, filing cabinet laying, to prevent short-circuit the cable wet, data loss, the text is destroyed.
        Cheung for the leak detection system can both single-system sound and light alarm output signal can also be converted by the signal conversion module SMS alarm, telephone alarm, alarm light alarm a wide range of alarm. At the same time can also output 485 signal or information acquisition module into a computer can receive the signal to achieve real-time monitoring of the computer.

In actual industrial production, leaked liquid is sometimes corrosive acid, lye. So in acid, alkali liquid transport, storage, use, recovery, purification and other links must pay special attention to have contact acid, lye various types of equipment monitoring, to prevent some uncontrollable situation.

      Leak acid, alkali detection works and leak detection is more or less the key point is the selection of leakage induction lines. The main choice for the self-developed XW2000 XW2000 positioning acid, alkali leak detection lines and the United States produced Raychem Trace Tek sensing cable TT3000 and TT7000.

The following specific situations for the specific wiring scheme is as follows:

1, acid, alkali liquid storage tank

       Due to contain acid, lye, flanges and valves, welding cracks and other places easily corroded lead to leakage, so in these places around the wiring monitoring. If the flanges and valves and other parts of the wiring is not easy, you can install a drip tray below the monitoring office to collect leakage. Finally, in the vicinity of the storage tank, such as the storage tank insulation layer, the bottom of the storage tank and other liquid leakage area and leakage concentration area according to the actual situation of wiring.

2, acid, alkali liquid transport pipeline

       Acid and alkali liquids are also sometimes transported through pipes short-distance, the sensor lines are laid as follows:
        When the pressure inside the tube can take the spiral winding pipe laying induction lines, because the leakage around the wall are dangerous, can be found in the shortest possible time leakage,
        When the pressure in the pipe is small, the tangential direction of the bottom of the pipeline can be laid in the induction line. Leakage from any position on the wall of the pressure will be infiltrated to the bottom by gravity.

3, the use of acid, alkaline liquid production, or the production of acid, alkali liquid machinery and equipment

      Generally in the equipment around the circle can be directly routed, because such equipment generally have anti-corrosion ability, as long as they do not leak affect the safety of the venue and other equipment can be.

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