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Foshan Power Supply Bureau Substation Monitoring Project

Foshan Power Grid is an important hub for the Guangdong Power Grid and even the Southern Power Grid and an important gateway for the West-East Power Transmission. The West Power East sends the 500 kV Luodong, the main substation in Guangdong.

The Xijiang Substation is located in Foshan, and the 500 kV Shunde Substation is an important node for the connection between the Guangdong main network and the Zhongshan (Zhuhai) Pearl (Sea) power grid. Foshan Power Grid has been formed
500 kV zonal power supply, 220 kV chain double ring, 110 kV three-T wiring, 500 kV substation as power supply center, 220 kV power supply ring network as skeleton
The 110 kV point is deep into the ring network power supply network of the load center.

The project department of Foshan Power Supply Bureau fully understands the flooding hazard. In the absence of design, it has increased the flood monitoring of important power distribution stations and equipment, and has repeatedly purchased Shenzhen Xiangwei.
The water leakage detection system is not positioned, and the alarm device is controlled by the controller dry contact to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and asset security.
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