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Xinjiang Xinye Energy 110KV Total Degradation Engineering Dynamic Ring Monitoring Project

Xinjiang Xinye Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons / year 1,4 butanediol fine chemicals and supporting projects total investment of 7.5 billion yuan, from the methanol plant,

A tar processing unit, a butanediol unit, a 100,000 tonne/year methanol aromatics unit, ancillary facilities, and utilities. The project was originally planned to be built separately.
The butanediol unit and the methanol-based aromatics unit are now proposed to rebuild the two units as a whole, while expanding the methanol production unit from 200,000 tons/year.
To 500,000 tons of years, achieve the project's self-balance. After the project is completed, the main products include 500,000 tons/year methanol, 200,000 tons/1,4 butanediol, and 100,000 tons.
Aromatic hydrocarbons, 192,000 tons of liquefied natural gas.

The safe and stable operation of the 110KV total substation in the project is related to the safe operation of the entire plant. In order to realize the intelligent monitoring of the substation, the real-time reporting is different.
Often information, the designer has added an intelligent monitoring system. After communication with the construction party, based on the original design, Shenzhen Xiangwei’s substation monitoring system was adopted.
Real-time monitoring of overflow, temperature and humidity, outdoor wind speed in the substation to ensure normal production and operation of the plant.
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