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Yulin Longyuan Photovoltaic Substation Monitoring Project

Yulin Longyuan Photovoltaic 330 kV delivery project was successfully put into operation, so that photovoltaic power generation was merged into the 330 kV grid, which improved the reliability of power supply in the region and further promoted

Economic development, improvement of energy structure, energy conservation and emission reduction will bring enormous social and economic benefits to the northern Shaanxi region. The completion of the project has greatly promoted
The development of Shaanxi's new energy industry will generate an average of 306 million kilowatts of electricity per year after commissioning, saving an average of 103,900 tons of standard coal per year compared to thermal power generation.
Reduced emissions of 265,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 870 tons of nitrogen dioxide, and 9169.78 tons of sulfur dioxide.

After many communication with the engineering firm, I determined that the three-port XW-BMS touch screen is the monitoring host, with water immersion, temperature and humidity, infrared, SF6+O2.
Sensors such as air conditioner controllers, switch quantity acquisition, input and output modules, to achieve security for the entire work and equipment area.
When the entire monitoring system realizes an abnormal situation, the on-site sound and light alarm promptly informs relevant personnel to deal with it, avoiding unnecessary losses.
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