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Intelligent Water Leakage Monitoring of Hangzhou Fuyang First People's Hospital

Fuyang People's Hospital

Founded in 1941, Fuyang People's Hospital is the only third-grade general hospital in Fuyang City and a regional medical center in Fuyang City.
The hospital has won the National Comprehensive Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Work Demonstration Unit, Zhejiang Province Patriotic Health Advanced Unit, Zhejiang Green Hospital,
Zhejiang Civilized Hospital, Hangzhou Civilized Unit, etc. In order to promote the process of intelligent hospitals, the hospital has purchased a leak detection system.
Safeguard the safe operation of medical equipment.

 Monitoring content: Shenzhen Xiangwei Hospital intelligent water leakage monitoring system as part of the wisdom medical construction, the main party chooses
Point sensor and non-positioning two water leakage detection systems, through the touch screen monitoring system, comprehensive monitoring of equipment liquid
leakage. Designed to address important departments such as operating rooms, ICUs, pump rooms, and valuable medical devices in smart medical buildings.
The data room and the executive office are flooded and cannot be found in time to cause irreversible medical accidents and major losses.
Shenzhen Xiang is escorting the medical equipment safety of Fuyang First People's Hospital, further deepening the hospital's intelligent process.
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