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Jinchuan Group concentrated sulfuric acid pipeline leak detection system

Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd

Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned company controlled by the Gansu Provincial People's Government. It is a non-ferrous metallurgical and chemical conglomerate, the top 500 Chinese enterprises, equipped with mining, dressing and smelting facilities. Jinchuan Group Chemical Plant proposed to build a 92.6% concentrated sulfuric acid pipeline from the second plant area to the third plant area. The total length of the pipeline is about 10Km. During the operation of the pipeline, due to corrosion, perforation and other external damage, once a leakage accident occurs, Security has a very bad influence.

Monitoring content: Concentrated sulfuric acid pipeline length of about 10Km, across the board laying, over the road across the plant roads, highways, farmland, Gobi Beach and so on. The pipe material is a seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 15cm, without any protective measures on the outside, directly exposed to the air. In addition to the pipeline all the way into the factory and the factory part of the vertical installation of the remaining horizontal installation.
Pipelines currently in need of leak detection include cross-farm sections, cross-road sections, thermal shielded sections, elbows and valves in the plant area
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