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Tencent Pingshan data center liquid leak detection system
The largest micro-module data center in Asia was built by Tengjiao, Zhongxing Tongxun and Guangdong Unicom.
It has become a time-varying transformation of the data center. Under the capacity of 15000m2 and 12000kVA, it lasted for more than 4 months.
The buildability is up to Tier3 + , 30 % load factor PUEI . 5 left and right, can accommodate more than 85,000 servers and deliver
Change the data center of the board. The Pingshan Data Center is composed entirely of micro-modules. In the first phase, 20 micro-modules are built.
In the second phase, more than 40 micro-modules were built.

Monitoring content:
In the Tencent Data Center, the water-cooled air-conditioning pipeline in each modular cabinet is monitored and controlled by the water leakage detection system.
Detecting the water leakage prevention state of the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooling air conditioning, and laying it along the water inlet and outlet pipes as a water leakage sensing line,
The water leakage controller transmits the signal to the supervisory host.

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