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Xi'an International Reproductive Center Intelligent Water Leakage Monitoring

Xi'an International Reproductive Center is a specialized institution for treating infertility and infertility. It is one of the human assisted reproductive technology centers in Shaanxi Province.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the internal computer room of the hospital, and to monitor the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning water supply and drainage pipe of the operating room, ICU and other important departments.
In the case of road leakage, the hospital selects Xiangxiang as the positioning and non-positioning two leak detection systems for common monitoring and transmission through RS485 communication.
To the monitoring room, comprehensive monitoring of pipeline equipment liquid leakage.
In the event of water leakage, the leak detection system will notify the on-duty staff through an external device with sound and light alarms, text messages, etc.
During the period, it was found that water leakage was dealt with in time to avoid incalculable losses. Xiangwei intelligent hospital leak detection system has a fast response,
The function is strong and easy to use, which is very suitable for the safety prevention and control of hospitals.
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