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Changzhou Jindong Intelligent Water Leakage Monitoring

Jinzhou Oriental Hospital of Changzhou Second People's Hospital and Changzhou Jindongfang Hospital are funded by Xincheng Holding Group and are fully entrusted to Nanjing Medical University.

Changzhou Second People's Hospital is responsible for the operation and management of modern general hospitals. Jindongyuan District and Changzhou Jindongfang Hospital are based on tertiary hospitals.
Specialist is the leader, rehabilitation is the feature, and experts are the main force to meet the needs of patients at different levels.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the internal computer room of the hospital, and to monitor the leakage of the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning water supply and drainage pipelines in important departments such as the operating room and ICU, the hospital
Select Xiang to monitor the leak detection system and transmit it to the monitoring room through RS485 communication to monitor the liquid leakage of pipeline equipment. Jindong
Under the management of Changzhou Second People's Hospital, Fangfang Hospital adheres to the "patient-centered" service tenet, Xiangxiang is equipped with advanced equipment and excellent after-sales service.
Service, work together with the hospital to provide high-level, professional medical services and protection for the majority of patients.
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