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Foshan power plant acid-base leak detection project

Foshan Hengyi Power Plant

2x600MW supercritical unit of Foshan Hengyi Power Generation Co., Ltd. is selected for supercritical parameter transformer operation of spiral coil DC furnace, single hearth, middle reheat, tangential combustion, balanced ventilation, solid slag discharge, steel suspension Hanging structure Π type, open layout of coal-fired boilers. Turbine selection is the Shanghai Steam Turbine Factory production of supercritical, uniaxial, three-cylinder (high pressure cylinder), four rows of steam, an intermediate reheat condensing steam turbine.
  Recycling plant water dosing, industrial wastewater dosing, condensate water treatment regeneration, boiler feed water dosing four regions such as acid-base tank configuration. In order to strengthen the monitoring of dangerous chemicals, the above-mentioned acid-alkali tank and sulfuric acid pipe ditch leak detection alarm device.

  Product selection Xiang XW2000 leaking acid sensor line and the United States tracetek brand TT7000 leaking acid sensor line on the boiler valves, flanges, pipes and testing, and through the optical cable converter to the control room, real-time monitoring, in the event of a leak can Minimize losses
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