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Taikoo Hui Guangzhou International Market Leak Detection System

Taikoo Hui Guang Zhou 

Taikoo Hui Guangzhou is a world-class, high-quality, integrated development project located in the heart of Guangzhou's Tianhe Central Business District with a total GFA of 406,000 sqm and managed by Swire Properties. In October 2011, Guangzhou, the latest "red storm" in history, caused a serious leakage at the Taikoo Hui Shopping Center, which officially opened in just over half a month, once again becoming the focus of the whole city.
Monitoring points: The project uses a point-by-point leakage detection system and positioning leak detection system combined to nearly 200 shops fan coil leak detection, when the water leak into the store the first time to alert the owners and security to notify Deal with the loss to a minimum.

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